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Safety Tips For Using The Mini C-Arm In Los Angeles And San Diego

Being admitted in a hospital or clinic warrants the use of various equipments. However, these may be used at home periodically as well. From X-Ray machines to lasers, C-Arms, and others the variety of home equipments can be daunting. The price is a different factor altogether. Sure, a large doctor’s office may be able to afford the best in the market but a home-user or a medico just starting his business will find it difficult to make ends meet. Thankfully, there is a simple way out. There are a few online resources where purchase of refurbished and old, previously used digital X-Ray in San Deigo and Orange County CA is exceedingly easy.

The imaging needs are met admirably with the aid of a mini C-Arm in Los Angeles and San Diego too. Sure, the giant C-Arm is extensively used for both diagnostic as well as less invasive surgeries but a home user or a medical professional at a small clinic can use the mobile version for pain management and stimulating the nerve endings effectively.

Sadly, there have been numerous complaints about the hazards emanating from this particular equipment. Well, radiation and fluoroscopy always is but knowing how to use it properly helps too. The sportsperson, orthopedic and other patients affected with debilitating diseases can lead an improved life with the aid of this machine. It is therefore necessary to follow a few rules.

Precautions necessary for using mini C-Arm

  1. Knowledge– It is important to be informed about the deadly effects of radiation. The professional handling the equipment also needs to update his / her patients about the associated dangers along with the safety measures that will be ensured while using the device.

  2. Radiation– The concerned individual cannot be totally shielded but the doctor or technician in charge can definitely limit the exposure by timing the sessions. The amount of exposure to radiation can also be reduced depending on the condition of the patient.

  3. Distance– It is important to adjust the distance between the patient and the source of radiation carefully. Experts recommend being at least 12 to 15 inches away from the source but within close distance of the image intensifier.

  4. Intermittent Use– Utilizing both fluoroscopy and ‘image hold capacity’ in combination helps to decrease the amount of radiation. It is also effective to use the single pulse, pulsed fluro, as well as the manual mode of the machine in order to keep the radiation under control.

  5. Personnel– Limiting the number of people in the area of operation is necessary too. All unauthorized personnel along with untrained individuals should be asked to exit the room before the procedure begins.

  6. Radiographs– All original radiographs need to be studied and analyzed carefully prior to the procedure so that the time of using the equipment does not get prolonged without a valid reason.

  7. Operator– It makes sense for the technician in charge of the procedure to remain on the side of the image intensifier and away from the patient keeping a distance of at least one foot in between when using the C-Arm. Donning protective clothing is of paramount importance as well.

It is advantageous to opt for an annual maintenance contract for the mini C-Arm so that the possibilities of unwanted incidents are kept to the minimum.